About Us

The Social Service Center of Jonava District (hereinafter referred to as the Center) is a budgetary institution of Jonava District Municipality, the aim of which is to provide quality, accessible social services to the inhabitants of the municipality, who are experiencing social exclusion, in order to achieve independent functioning in the social life.

The Center’s mission is to empower people to function independently and fully in society.

The Center’s vision is to be a modern, collaborative institution, delivering quality social services and carrying out its delegated functions effectively.

The Center’s activities are guided by the following values:

  • Respect – each person is unique and valuable, and we care for them with sincerity and attention.
  • Professionalism – we are competent, flexible, responsible, and committed to delivering quality results.
  • Cooperation – we work towards a common goal by helping each other, sharing information with each other and with our partners is a kind and timely manner.
  • Loyalty – we believe in what we do, we respect and are proud of our institution.
  • Development – we are constantly improving our qualifications, open to innovation and applying it to our work.
  • Confidentiality – the staff of the Center respect the confidentiality of information and the principles of responsible use of information in their professional work.
  • Teamwork – we believe that teamwork is the key to our success. We work as a team to achieve common goals.

The Center is guided by the EQUASS Quality Principles: leadership, staff, rights, ethics, partnership, participation, person-centeredness, comprehensiveness, results-orientation, and continuous improvement. The Center strives to create a culture of flexibility and continuous improvement, and to seek effective ways and means of service delivery.

Our customers:

  • Adults and children with disabilities and their families
  • The elderly
  • Low-income individuals and families
  • Adults at risk (returning from prison, people with addiction problems, homeless people)
  • Families at risk and their children
  • Foreigners who have been granted shelter or other status and who are reintegrating into the territory of Jonava district
  • Persons in crisis (victims of violence, etc.)
  • Foster carers, adoptive parents, guardians on duty
  • Fostered (cared for), temporarily supervised, adopted children
  • Young people not in employment or education
  • Other beneficiaries of social services in the district